Simone Shabazz

Celebrating Self-love Creating Change.

Everything You Need You Already Have And All You’ve Been Looking For You Already Are!

Elevate your thinking by embracing the Love God has already given you. Create change by becoming who you were designed to be in the beauty of excellence.

My Family Depends On Me

Iconic #1 Hit Single US/UK

Hey Fellas

Gospel Mix Sure To Take You To Church

Let There Be Peace On Earth

Let Peace Begin With Me

Who Is Simone Shabazz

Entrepreneur- Simone has used her voice to grace many sold out shows across the US and Uk. But nothing seemed to satisfy she notes, she knew there was a greater calling on her life. With a promising recording career ahead of her. It appeared she had made her mark until reality hit hard! The music industry is cut throat! Although Simone had a #1 hit single “My Family Depends On Me” and the first artist on Strictly Rhythm to be signed to a major label EastWest Records America a subsidiary of Atlantic Records, spearheaded by Sylvia Rhone at that time. She was blindsided by the independent label and management who were involved in unscrupulous practices.

Left with “No Money” and 3 children to feed. Simone still believed God had a plan for her Life! Today Simone is the CEO/ Founder of Catch The Vision Love. She is an inspirational speaker, coach, podcast host and author. Simone has pooled her life experiences into creating CTVL to inspire women to a higher level of self-love through Jesus Christ. Simone still sings! Yes she does! The course is different now she says “All Praise Belongs To God Who Has Ordered My Steps!” Simone gives a full account of her experience in the recording industry in her tell all book “My Family Depends On Me The Real Story.”

Catch The Vision Love

“I spent many years of my life looking for Love in all the wrong places. My abandonment issues had me in a state of desperation. Until one day I had a Damascus Road defining moment with God. It was then, God told me the Love I was looking for, I already had. I took a deep breath and held his word deep within my heart, and I’ll never be the same.” Simone Shabazz


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